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Eastmure & Associates Limited – Top-Tier Business Advisory Services


In the area of business advisory services, Eastmure & Associates Limited offers a true personalised experience where you are not just another client.


Due to our experience and individually tailored work, we are the best accountants in Christchurch for your business, approachable and affordable.


A Fusion of Expertise and Experience

  • We are privileged to have highly experienced business accountants.

  • All our professionals have the necessary experience in the field which ranges from several years in the industry.

  • We know how sensitive business finances can be and are always ready to offer the required solutions.


Visit our site for more information about how we can help your organization to accomplish its targets. Try it and see the difference of outcome-oriented advisory services.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a large number of services to help your business, including-

  1. Our team of professionals assists in tax planning to make sure you’re not paying more tax than you need to.

  2. We help to determine possible prospects and how to achieve the highest possible profit.

  3. Our services enable you to assess and mitigate potential risks to safeguard your business.

Personalised Approach

Each business is different and, therefore, requires different solutions. At Eastmure & Associates Limited, our policy is to attend to every client individually. We listen and patiently assess the nature of business and the emerging challenges. This makes it possible to give tailored advice specifically to your situation.

Innovative Solutions

We stay updated with the most recent industry patterns and technologies. This permits us to offer solutions that can give your business an upper hand. Whether using new financial software or executing modern bookkeeping practices, we have the skills to assist you with staying ahead.

Reasonable Pricing

We are the affordable business accountants in Christchurch and advisory services should be accessible to all businesses, big or small. Our pricing is cutthroat, and we offer different packages to suit various requirements and financial plans. Reach out to us to learn more about our reasonable rates.

Why We Stand Out

Picking the right business advisory service is significant for your business' success. Here's the reason why Eastmure & Associates Limited is the ideal decision.

  1. Our team has the information and abilities to give first-class advice.

  2. We tailor our services to meet your particular necessities.

  3. We endeavour to convey the best assistance.

  4. We use the most recent technologies and practices to help your business.

Contact us for exceptional business advisory services

Looking for ways to expand your business and reach higher levels? Contact Eastmure & Associates Limited today. Allow us to help you with all your business advisory requirements in Christchurch.

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