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Eastmure – The Best Company for Cost Analysis Solutions

At Eastmure & Associates Limited, our mission focuses on offering solutions for cost analysis within Christchurch and nationwide.

We offer complete business solutions primarily focused on satisfying your financial requirements.


We have an experienced team to meet your financial objectives and assist in company expansion or acquisitions.


Overview of Eastmure & Associates Limited

  • We understand that every client is unique and provides personalised and quality services.

  • We are the best value accountants with expertise in numerous financial services, such as tax and business adviser services.

  • We are aware that every client is different, and we aim to be able to provide solutions that suit your needs best.

Ready to take your business to a higher level? Contact Eastmure and Associates Limited today. Our team is here to give you the proper solutions and expert guidance you need to succeed.

Allow us to assist you with your financial goals and uplift your business. We are committed to your success.


Why Choose Eastmure?

  • Our responsibility is to offer exceptional service to our clients.

  • We have an experienced team, and all are profoundly knowledgeable.

  • Our services are specifically intended to meet your business needs.

Our Services

[1] Tax Compliance

It is always a delicate process to deal with issues of taxation. Our tax compliance services help you navigate the pitfalls of filing requirements. We assist you in lowering tax obligations and avoiding probable penalties.

[2] Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are intended to assist you with pursuing the ideal choices and give you the information you want to succeed. Whether you want to grow your business or increase your ROI, our experts are here to help.

[3] Cost Analysis

Any business needs to conduct a proper cost analysis. Through efficiencies and innovations, we help you manage and reduce your expenses. This will empower you to choose the best choices that will help expand profitability.

The Eastmure & Associates Limited Difference

What makes Eastmure & Associates Limited different from other companies?

  1. We are determined to be boutique and approachable, not a large accounting practice where you are just a number

  2. Our approach to business is based on the value we hold of maintaining good and proper relationships with our clients.

  3. Our objective is not simply to be your accountant but to act as your financial advisor.

Expertise in Xero Accountant Solutions

As an experienced Xero accountant in Christchurch, we use the latest technology to smooth your bookkeeping processes. Xero's cloud-based platform allows for real time financial monitoring.

Contact us at Eastmure & Associates Limited to know more about our proficiency in Xero Accountant Solutions.

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