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Strategic Succession Planning Services by Eastmure & Associates Limited


Our team of skilled staff will assist you in developing the most suitable business transition structure for your company. This will help your business sustain and grow in the coming years.


What is Succession Planning?


Succession planning is finding and grooming new leaders to take charge when current leaders step down or retire. It is identified as a strategic element in business management that helped the company remain profitable during leadership and ownership changes.

Why is Succession Planning Important?

Several reasons explain why succession planning is important.

  1. It helps your company to run its operations effectively without any interruptions.

  2. It ensures specific stability in the workplace and gives a clear plan for what should be done.

  3. Aids to determine the management talent within the organization for future expansion.

Contact Us

Are you prepared for an effective and workable succession planning experience? Please do not hesitate to contact Eastmure & Associates Limited today. Let us assist you in developing a smooth success plan for the future existence of the business.

Our Approach to Succession Planning

At Eastmure & Associates Limited, we offer a personalised approach to succession planning. Here’s how we do it.

[1] Assess Current Leadership

We access your existing senior management team. This includes their

  1. Strengths

  2. Weaknesses

  3. Areas for development

When it comes to succession planning, knowing your present leadership environment is very important.

[2] Identify Potential Leaders

Then, we determine internal key individuals and potential leaders in your company. We seek those who have growth potential and who have the characteristics that are required to assume leadership responsibilities in the future.

[3] Develop a Succession Plan

We work with you to create a detailed succession plan. This plan includes

  1. Training and development programs for potential leaders.

  2. Creating mentorship programs to provide direction and assistance to future leaders.

  3. Adopting a timetable for changes and leadership transitions.

[4] Implement and Monitor

Finally, we assist in the execution of the succession plan. We also support tracking the progress and making modifications if necessary.

Benefits of Succession Planning with Eastmure & Associates Limited

  1. Our team has years of experience in succession planning. This allows for direction tailored to every client's unique necessity.

  2. We comprehend that each business is unique. That is the reason we offer a customised approach. It guarantees your succession plan lines up with your particular objectives and vision.

From assessment to execution, we offer complete help throughout the succession planning process. We are focused on assisting you with accomplishing a proper transition and future achievement.

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