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Startup Management and Financial Tracking Made Impactful with Our Team


It is often exciting and sometimes challenging to start a new business venture. Certain activities must be closely monitored and one of them is financial management. At Eastmure & Associates Limited, we know that startups require different services and appreciate the opportunity to share how we can assist with these issues.


Due to our experience in startup and management throughout Christchurch and tracking financials, we are the perfect company for you and your business.

About Eastmure & Associates Limited

  • We are a leading accountancy practice with focused services in accountancy and startup and management.

  • Our team is experienced to help you accomplish your financial targets and support your organisation's performance.

  • Our policy is to offer solutions for the client's necessities while guaranteeing the best work.

Check out more about our competencies in startup and management throughout Christchurch. Connect with us today.

Our Core Services

  1. We offer you total financial solutions to meet the financial needs of your startup venture.

  2. We work closely with you to manage your business’ tax affairs and to get the most out of your tax plan.

  3. We guide you on how you can grow and increase your business size.

  4. We employ reliable software solutions such as MYOB and Xero to track your business transactions.

Why Choose Us?

[1] Expertise in Startup Management

We know the realities of startup and management and your difficulties. Our services are available and tailored to suit every phase you run your business. Whether you require assistance with the beginning setup process or making a long-term strategy, we can assist you.

[2] Customised Approach

At Eastmure and Associates Limited, we know that each business is unique. That is why we offer customised solutions tailored to your particular necessities. Our team provides opportunities to understand your business and give proper services and advice.


[3] Commitment to Greatness

We are focused on giving the most exceptional level of service. Our team of specialists is constantly updated with the recent industry trends and guidelines for a startup and management. This guarantees that you get the best guidance and backing.

[4] Complete Financial Tracking

Monitoring your funds is pivotal for any startup. We use advanced software solutions like MYOB and Xero to monitor your transactions and guarantee accuracy and effectiveness. These tools assist you with staying steady over your finances and pursuing informed choices.

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