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Small Business Accounting that Fast-Tracks Business Traction


Are you searching for Small Business Accountants who can properly handle your business finances? At Eastmure & Associates Limited, you can benefit from our flexible and affordable Small Business Accounting solutions. Whether you are a start-up or a running small business our team is ready to assist you with the financial problems to ease.

Why small business owners rely on our services

  • We offer services beyond accounting.

  • We emerge as your strategic partners who share important information and provide relevant recommendations for success in your business.

  • We serve as your committed financial advisor while you pursue success.

Why Choose Us?

At Eastmure & Associates Limited we know the financial requirements of small business entities. Here’s why we are the best small business accountants New Zealand.

[1] Expert Small Business Accountants

Our staff is made up of highly experienced small business accountants in Christchurch with vast knowledge of the complex budgeting process. So, whether you are a startup company or a well-established one, we know how to assist you with efficient accounting.

[2] Affordable Solutions

Our vision is to provide quality bookkeeping services at reasonable rates so that anybody can benefit from our service. That is why we give packages that business owners can undoubtedly manage without compromising the quality of services. We do not charge additional fees to our customers for travel or phone calls, our fees are optimised and clear. It helps you secure the highest returns on the money you spend.

[3] Tailored Services

We understand the fact that every business is unique in its way. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions that suit your industry and your business’s operations. Are you in need of bookkeeping and tax service? We can help you find the right solutions.

[4] Commitment to Excellence

At Eastmure & Associates Limited, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our team is very focused on providing timely and precise financial data to help manage and grow your business.

Our Services

[1] Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

Every small business needs to ensure that bookkeeping is accurately done. We take care of everyday records of accounts and prepare financial statements with details of your business operations.

[2] Tax Planning and Preparation

It is quite challenging dealing with the bounds of taxes. Thus, our specialists always work with the recent changes in laws on taxes to help your business avoid problems with tax services while reducing your tax burden.

[3] Business Advisory

In addition to figures, we provide recommendations to support the development of your company. We offer handy solutions to simple budgeting techniques as well as complex financial forecasting solutions.

Eastmure – Your success accelerant

Are you ready to manage your small business’s finances more effectively? You can reach Eastmure & Associates Limited today to arrange a consultation.

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