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We are Your Strategic Partners in Financial Planning


We at Eastmure & Associates Limited do not restrict ourselves to being just an accountancy firm; instead, we are partners in your success. Financial planning and management services throughout Christchurch is our specialty and you can always ask us for advice.


Our vision is to offer a total financial service package that suits your specific requirements.


Our team with many years of experience will assist in achieving your financial objectives and company development. Due to the individualised customer focus and delivering quality services, we stand out in the market.


We have a team of experienced staff to assist you throughout the process. Contact us to know how our versatility can deliver amazing outcomes for your business.


Why Partner with Eastmure & Associates Limited?


You must have the right people when it comes to financial planning and management. Here’s a glimpse of the many reasons why Eastmure & Associates Limited is the preferred choice.

  1. The people on our team are employees with significant years of experience in handling the financial aspects of business.

  2. We generally work according to the client's needs and expectations to fulfil them.

  3. We aim high and make every effort to furnish you with the best assistance we can offer.

Financial Planning

We offer various services of financial planning. In essence, we consult with you to develop a master financial plan to meet all your needs.

  1. Grow your wealth with strategic investments.

  2. Make sure future generations can still benefit from your legacy.

Financial Planning and Management

Our firm offers proficient financial planning to help you realise your financial objectives.

  1. Keep track of the company’s financial position through accurate budgeting and projecting.

  2. Protect your assets with effective risk management strategies.

  3. Improve your cash flow to increase your stability.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Dealing with tax legislation can sometimes be intricate. Our tax advisory and compliance help you avoid penalties and keep your tax expenses as low as possible. We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue and can monitor all correspondence relating to tax arrears and arrangements.

  1. Tax Filing and Reporting – Manage tax filing and reporting requirements to avoid late fees and penalties.

  2. Tax Audit Support - Get proficient help in case of a tax audit

Business Development

We are devoted to helping your business grow. Our services include 

  1. Develop a robust business strategy to direct your growth.

  2. Acquire insights into your business's financial health.

  3. Assist to secure the funding you want to expand your business.

Our Methodology

At Eastmure &Associates Limited, you are more than just a number. We keep our practice focused on helping our clients and their businesses.

  1. Figuring out your objectives and necessities.

  2. Surveying your current financial situation.

  3. Developing a proper plan tailored to your requirements.

  4. Executing the plan with accuracy.

  5. We offer constant support and make changes depending on the situation.

Get an unmatched business advantage

Are you finally ready to steer your financial life in the right direction? Give Eastmure & Associates Limited a call today. We can manage the transition from your current accountant for you, in most cases you don’t even need to contact them.

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